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We have an in-house team of pay per click and native ad specialists that have been doing Internet lead generation for quite a while. Our team has been working with pay per click ads on Adwords & Bing for over 11 years... And we know what works to generate high-quality real-time calls & leads.

Most PPC companies use the shotgun approach on PPC networks like Bing & Adwords. While that is OK for lead volume lead quality suffers as a result. We are more like PPC snipers Using multivariate testing options combined with robust tracking to generate targeted customers.

Those customers looking for your exact products and services online. With instant delivery, and the capability to deliver calls to your phone number of choice or real-time leads to any email address you choose. We not only deliver the highest quality leads you can get but make it easy for you to ensure that every lead you get is contacted fast and easy.

Eliminate the Middleman For True Lead Pricing & Quality

Here is another issue you may not have realized as you are buying leads online from these major lead sellers. Very few of these big lead sellers online generate their own leads...Instead, they depend on companies just like us to provide them with the daily leads that they then turn around and sell to the end-user. How do we know? Because we have been providing the leads to these major resellers since 2011...Sometimes in excess of 1000 leads per day in some industries. These big lead sellers then tack on a hefty upcharge as a lead provider “middleman” before distributing the leads to you, the end buyer. This results in a lead that is overpriced, is not in all actuality delivered in “real-time”...And many times, the lead is frustrated when they do actually get contacted by the end client...If they get contacted at all. Why not eliminate the middleman and get your leads directly from the company that is generating them in the first place? Not only will you get the exact same high-quality lead for a substantially discounted price; but your leads will be sent over in true “real-time”, and looking for your expertise.

Need Volume?

The other critical component is scaling to volume on pay per click while keeping lead quality as high as possible. Other guys try to increase volume, but they do so at the expense of lead quality. Not us... We can usually hit your lead quantity goals and still provide you with unmatched lead quality...And if we cannot, we will inform you as early as possible. After all, sometimes it simply isn’t possible to generate 1000 leads a day in some verticals...No matter what other PPC guys may tell you.

How Are You Generating Your Leads?

  • Are you looking for the highest quality leads that are desperately searching for your products or expertise?
    Do you want those leads delivered instantly to the phone number or email address of your choice?
    Do you want to get your high quality leads directly from the source?
    Why pay ANY middleman markup for your lead generating efforts when you don’t have to?
    No reason for you to have to pay an inflated lead price when you don’t have to and you can be getting your leads directly from the source.
    Why not check out our MORE than competitive lead pricing below and then give us a call and test some of these leads for yourself?

In Content (Native) Ads Make A High Quality Lead

  • We have also been pioneering innovative native ad solutions on networks like Yahoo Gemini and RevContent for over 6 years as well.

    Native ads are as much an art as a science when it comes to generating live calls and real-time leads.

    The key with native ads is continual testing and tracking that testing to deliver high-quality results.

    Since the lead has gone thru a two-step “intention signaling” process with our native ad targeting before picking up the phone or entering their contact information.

    They are not only looking for your exact products & services but are highly motivated as well.

    Which results in a high-quality Internet visitor contacting you , looking for your help and expertise as soon as possible.

Lead Types

As you can see, we are significantly lower in price than ANY of our competitors.

Because we generate our own leads. And we can do them in volume. Each form lead is delivered in real-time to your email of choice, and each lead goes to ONLY you and one other buyer. Because of the low pricing, we do NOT accept any returns. If you do get any bad leads (which will happen)... Simply toss them aside. Your net cost (even including any bad leads) will still be significantly lower than ANY other lead seller you will find online. Bottom line... Check these motivated leads out for yourself today. If you are getting clients, keep getting more. If you are not, contact us and we will not charge you another cent for any further leads. Simply contact us today to get started


Get started today with absolutely no risk. The Attorney Pro Platform is backed by our comprehensive
30-day money-back guarantee.

Bundle & Save!

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  • Sign up with our Attorney Premium Platform and we’ll include a lifetime license to the Attorney Pro Platform for no additional cost to your firm! 

    This amazing bundle includes traditional and no credit check financing options so you can help more clients!

Client Application Process

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Once your client has expressed the need for a flexible payment plan, let’s get them prequalified!

Your law firm is provided a dedicated online application page that can be linked to your website and accessed by any device. As long as the borrower (or co-borrower) is 18 years of age or older, currently employed with proof of income ($2,000+ per month) and has not declared bankruptcy in the past 2 years – they’re prequalified to apply for legal Law Climb!

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Your custom application page uses a Secure SSL encrypted connection so you can rest assured that any information your clients’ submit is safe and confidential.  

In addition to unsurpassed security, your clients’ can also pull their free credit report, add a co-borrower, request additional funds for other legal needs (court costs, fines, etc.), or even opt for a secured loan option if they own a home or property.

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Submit Application

After the appication is completed and all of the required fields are filled out, we’ll take it from here!

Your dedicated underwriters will deal directly with the client via phone or email to correct any errors that were made or to gather any additional information if needed.

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One Application, One Credit Pull – Multiple Lending Options

The Attorney Premium Loan Management Center automatically applies the loan application to an “A” lender first, if approved the process stops, if declined the system will send to a “B” lender, then “C & D” until an approval is sent back. 

Only one application needs to be submitted and we’ll notify your clients’ if a co-borrower is needed or if they’re simply declined all together.