How We Work ?


We have an in-house team of pay per click and native ad specialists that have been doing Internet lead generation for quite a while. Our team has been working with pay per click ads on Adwords & Bing for over 11 years... And we know what works to generate high-quality real-time calls & leads.

Most PPC companies use the shotgun approach on PPC networks like Bing & Adwords. While that is OK for lead volume lead quality suffers as a result. We are more like PPC snipers Using multivariate testing options combined with robust tracking to generate targeted customers.

Those customers looking for your exact products and services online. With instant delivery, and the capability to deliver calls to your phone number of choice or real-time leads to any email address you choose. We not only deliver the highest quality leads you can get but make it easy for you to ensure that every lead you get is contacted fast and easy.