How Our Platform Work?

How Does This Platform Work?

Instead of your client’s credit report being the basis for approval, their employment and recent spending history are. The Attorney Pro Platform looks at the customer’s income, spending habits, location, along with other factors (over 30 data points) to determine the plan limit. Beside the pay stub, our Velocity Processing Matrix uses the customer’s financial position to generate the ideal repayment option.

Repayment plans range from 3 to 12 months with amounts from a few hundred to several thousand per transaction. A three tier approval process facilitates up front funding or additional revenue via an in store finance option. Tier one, FastTrack Funding, is up front funding and can be up to $3500.00. Tier two is G Code Funding with qualified payments guaranteed to the law firm as they are received. Tier three, V Code Funding, is an easy to use in house financing option where you can collect the plan fees thereby expanding your profit margin.

Since 2005, we’ve taken the qualifications for purchase and realigned them to the current economic condition. The Pro Platform uses a unique process to determine ability to repay a short term obligation. The 3 major bureaus are fine for longer term loans spanning several years but for sub year terms it isn’t as applicable. This is so unique, we’ve patented it. U.S. Patent 7,747,529 B2!