Fee Financing

How Does This Platform Work?

Unlike having only one lending source with limited loan options and approval ratios, our Attorney Premium Platform enables your law firm to offer legal Law Climb options from $1,000 – $25,000!

This multi-lender consumer financing platform includes financing options for your A, B, C and D credit clientele. Our secure system was developed to handle the large flow of data and allows each application to be processed and matched with appropriate lender, based on certain pre-defined data collection parameters.

Our industry leading technology allows our internal loan-processors the ability to submit and track each application. Your customers are always updated and know exactly where they are in getting the funds they need for their legal services.

Attorney Pro Features:

  • 100% Payout to your office – No Discount Rate
  • Same Day Decisions – Normally within a few hours (24 hours max)
  • Loan amounts from $1,000 – $25,000
  • Approvals with credit scores 550 and higher
  • Installment loans – Terms from 24 – 60 Months
  • “Line of Credit” programs – Zero % for 12-21 Months Interest Rates Starting at
  • Interest Rates Starting at 10.99% to 29.99%
  • 24/7 live answering
  • Online access to check status of application – Back office
  • dashboard
  • WE deal directly with the client via phone calls or email
  • Co Signers welcome and encouraged (non family members OK)
  • Internet link to our website (from a banner on your website) NO RECOURSE

What Else Comes with the Attorney Premium Platform?

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Loan Management Center

The Loan Management Center allows your law firm to track and monitor the status of each loan application. This secure site also allows you to access the back office so you know that your customers loans are being processed and handled with care.

Plus, your law firm will have access to the data that matters most. Your firm can review the client application status, loan approval amount(s), reason for denials, funding status to your firm, notes directly from underwriting and much more!  

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Personalized Training & Support

Shortly after enrollment, we will train you and your staff on how to navigate your loan management center and dedicated application page. 

Our knowledgeable team will also enure that your online application page is setup properly on your website and provide technical assistance if needed. 

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Dedicated Account Manager & Client Support

In addition to 24/7 client support, your law firm will also have a dedicated account manager and consumer financing specialist.  

Got marketing questions? Need ideas on how to promote your new client financing options? Your dedicated account manager can help and will guide you through every step. You can ask your account manager anything about how to grow your law firm by using your new client financing options! 

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Premium Placement

Attorney Premium members take priority in every aspect of . Your online profile will be served before non-platform holding members in search results, sub-category searches and your website/social media links will be prominently displayed on your listing.  

Not only does this do wonders for your current SEO strategies, potential clients can get in contact with you immediately to discuss your payment options and legal services.

Your firm will also have first right of refusal on any leads submitted by potential clients to us! 

Approval Tires

FastTrack Funding

  • The first approval tier is FastTrack Funding. This approval tier is similar to traditional lending in that your law firm is paid upfront and we collect the payments from the client going forward. FastTrack approvals fund your firm 100% of the total amount and absolve you from the risk of recourse on defaulted payment plans, we own the collection efforts for the life of the loan. 

    FastTrack Approvals fund your firm within 72 hours after the contract is approved!

G Code Funding

  • The second approval tier is G Code Funding which means the law firm gets paid as the client makes the payments. However, payments are guaranteed so your firm will still receive payments if the client defaults. On both FastTrack and G Code approval tiers, the law firm is charged a guarantee rate of no more than 15% on annual sales which can be rolled back into the price of services as a “Plan Fee”. The rate is fixed so the total percentage for the year is 15% plus a one time $35.00 service fee. 

    G Code approvals fund your firm the down payment within 72 hours after the contract is approved.

V Code Funding

  • The third approval tier is V Code Funding. With this approval tier, we do not charge the law firm a guarantee rate nor are the future client payments guaranteed. The cost is usually about 50 cents a payment regardless the amount. However, your firm can still add the 15% plan fee to the sale to mitigate risk for doing your own in-house financing. Your firm has the option to pick which of the three approval tiers to use if all are available to the client. 

    V Code approvals fund your firm the down payment within 72 hours after the contract is approved.

*Credit Score is not the deciding factor. Other guidelines must be met to determine approval options.